about me

My name is Soleil and...

When I was on summer break before first entering college, I needed to find some work, or an internship, or something. It was difficult, so I ended up helping my step dad to do photo editing, sorting, and some record keeping. All of these hot girls were on the photos, and I knew that he was a photographer...but, I never knew he shot porn! That was exciting to me!

I convinced him that I could do pictures like that...

So, our time spent, became more and more sexual! I even had girls that I knew come by sometimes! And, of course he had his girls come to the studio...and I'd help, or watch, and even sometimes jump right in! A lot of these models had no idea that Gerald even HAD a step daughter! But, they soon found out...even some of his guy friends that had been unaware of me...soon became aware!

I like sex...so why not make a website with him...?

We started filming a lot...and I have a lot of fun fucking him...he even tells me that I suck his cock better than my mom! I like hearing that, too...because I know it must be true! With all of these sex toys here at the studio, and girls in and out, as well as him here to fuck whenever I want to...I bet you'll love this website when you join it! I even learned enough about website things, that I designed the site, myself...well, he did help a little bit! ;-)