Fetish exploration

One of my favorite things to shoot with new models, as well as experienced ones, is fetish and bondage material... mostly for my Exposed Bondage website. Soleil became curious about these kind of shoots, as she was seing them on my websites.
She got some of my gear out and was messing with it, mostly out of curiosity. I got on her case about it...and then realized that this was a perfect opportunity to give her a lesson...and have a little fun!

So, I proceeded to tie her pretty legs to the living room table...and pin her hands behind her back, with shackles! She was a little bit intimidated, yet, excited. Since I knew she trusted me, and I had her subdued, I decided to pull out my large white vibrator, which is very strong...and perform a forced orgasm on her with it.
Her body was quivering, thrusting, and having erotic spasms...so, I turned it up a notch...pressing it on her pussy even harder, to intensify her experience! The orgasms she had were amazing...and she made it very clear that we'll be doing more of the same!
All of which you will get to view, inside this members area, when you join the website!